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Pets are basically animals that are kept at home by humans for a certain purpose, mostly for companionship sake. Pets offer us affection, love, care, warmth, security and so much more. They are typically part and parcel of our daily lives.   Well one turn deserves another, I tend to think that your pet should be given the same attention that you get from it, affection it gives you as a caregiver and happiness too.  I guess am playing the devil’s advocate here. But really if we think about it natural pets should be treated just as family because hey, they know most of our secrets and don’t tell anyone. If you ask me it is rather very easy to take care of a pet since it only need proper housing ,good diet ,love and care. That’s it!

In this blog post I will share much about pets, how to care for them, different animals that can be kept as pets and many other concepts of keeping pets. The most common pets that are kept at home are dogs and cats. These animals have so much about them than what catches the eye. These animals are an important part of our society as well. This is because they are intelligent and are able to cohabit peacefully with humans, others can be trained to help people in the society.

For example: dogs can be trained to maintain security, others are used in therapies, and others help during disasters. Animals are said to have a sixth sense as they are quite sensitive to things that we as humans can’t see or feel. Animals can sense emotions from humans such as distress, fear, happiness and even love.

Let’s just say animals do understand humans in away. I, Julie Gumbao took it upon myself to share some information about keeping pets and caring for them. I believe some people long to adopt an animal of their choice and have little or no idea on how to go about it ,I am here for you, at least I will try sharing some of the knowledge I have gathered here and there to enlighten you on the care of animals as pets .  It is partly our responsibility to take care of these animals, I mean if not we then who?

Purr! Barking! Cuddles, fur. This is basically animal talk.  Pets can be termed as companion animals. There are a couple of animals that can be kept as pets however, the highly kept animals that are kept as animals are cats and dogs.

Small pets are generally referred to as pocket pets and the large companion pets are known as bovine and equine pets. These animals are natural meaning that are not manufactured in any way even though there are scientific invention of animal cloning, there still should be a natural form of that which is been cloned.

As we said the most popular type of pets that are kept by humans are the dog and cat.in the United states a survey was done and it was concluded that there are 86.4 million cats kept as pets and 78.2 million dogs kept as pets. The ratio of a pet to children in the U.S was four is to one. This is because most people preferred having a pet compared to having a baby. Studies also show that for those who do not own a pet was mostly due to lack of enough space for the pets housing, lack of time and lack of proper information on how to cater for the pets needs especially medically.

Pets are just as delicate as humans, I mean they breathe.

Their health should be considered as well for a happy pet. Pets have a right to good meals that is well balanced with the required nutrients. Pets also need to be kept safe from certain dangers per say eating poisonous plants. They also keep fit as most animals kept as pets could suffer diseases such as diabetes, other pets suffer from obesity. Before we talk in detail on how to take care of your pet, let’s first look at why it is important to keep an animal as a pet

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Pets are animals that are kept at home mostly for companionship sake. They are part and parcel of our daily lives. It only needs proper housing, good diet, love and care. In this blog post I will share much about pets, how to care for them, different animals that can be kept as pets and many other concepts of keeping pets. Julie Gumbao took it upon herself to share some information about keeping pets and caring for them.

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