8 Things You MUST Know About Dogs

A dog:

As we have seen in the posts above, a dog is one of the most popular pet. There are a couple of dog breeds such as: bulldog, a German shepherd, Labrador retriever, etc.it is mandatory to take care of your dog in the right way so as to benefit from it as well. When it comes to a dog, you as the owner is assured of loyalty.

Care for a dog:

  1. Identity: a dog as a pet should be distinguished from stray dogs, therefore, as a good owner you are required to give your dog a tag. This tag will include its name, your address, and telephone number. This tag will be helpful in case it gets lost as it will make it easier to be tracked, it also gives you a sense of ownership, and dogs could be quite similar this will help you distinguish your dog clearly and easily amongst the same breed.
  2. Vaccination: it is helpful to have your dog vaccinated against rabies. This keeps you and the people around you safe.
  3. Give your dog attention: just as you crave companionship from your pet, this is quite similar to them, it is important to give your dog pet attention as a result, it strengthens your bond. Treat your dog as well once in a while .and be careful not to give it products that could be harmful to it such as chocolates or raisins.
  4. Medical checkups: this is important to keep your dog pet healthy and keep track of certain illnesses.
  5. Nutritionally balanced diet: your pet dog needs meals that are rich in the essentials nutrients to keep it healthy. You should also keep your dog hydrated as water is important for every living organism.
  6. Maintain hygiene: your dog should be bathed to keep away parasites that could cause illnesses, it should also be brushed its teeth as dental care of a dog is very important.
  7. Training: a dog is quite intelligent and can easily learn, you as a pet owner could enroll it in a class that teaches the dog a certain trick, and discipline. This will surely make you a happy dog owner.
  8. Exercise: a dog needs to be exercised as it should be physically fit. This could be done by taking regular walks, playing with it, i.e. playing catch. This makes the dog really active.

It is quite easy owning a dog as a pet, only if you follow the right procedures and naturally taking care of it.

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