Few Rabbit Facts You Didn’t Know Of

A Rabbit:

Rabbits are social animals that crave for attention, and interaction. They are a source of companionship, they are very playful.

Care for rabbits:

Habitat: a rabbit should be placed in a relatively large area preferably a cage or a crate that is big enough to contain the litter box, food bowls, and its toys. The crate should have a concrete bottom that has a mat enabling safety and comfort of the rabbit.

Litter box: a rabbit is referred to as a very clean animal thus it chooses a corner in its crate to do its business, that is where you should position your litter box which is aligned by a newspaper and filled with hay to absorb the smell. Remember to clean out the litter daily.

Food: a rabbit’s meal is quite simple, they will feed on vegetables, pellets, and hay. They should as well be served water to stay hydrated.

Grooming: you as a pet owner should always groom your pet. A rabbit should be brushed using a soft bristled brush and the nails should be trimmed regularly.

Exercise: a rabbit needs enough space to hop and stretch from time to time, thus it should be taken outside its crate for some hours for it to exercise. This will nurture a healthy and active pet.

Safety and medical care: you should take the rabbit for checkups at least once annually. The environment of a rabbit should always be safe since it is really small and delicate.

Cute, fury what else would you possibly need in a pet. Remember a well-treated pet is indeed a happy pet.

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