Four Awesome Things You Can Learn From Guinea Pig

A guinea pig:

This here is the gentlest animal to keep as a is delicate but quite easy to care for. They are also called cavies.

Care for a guinea pig:

  1. Diet: they are omnivores thus grass, fresh vegetables such as carrots, radish green, and broccoli leaves are their cup of tea, don’t forget water. They may be messy and drop their food in their water, you may adopt the use of a water bottle and hung on the cage.
  2. Habitat: they are kept in cages, a sizeable cage that allows movement of the guinea pig. It should be floored with beddings made of shredded paper. Ensure that the cage is well ventilated because cavies are very delicate and need a warm environment to survive.
  3. Exercise: they do not need toys rather a large space is enough to keep them active and exercise their freedom. By jumping around.
  4. Grooming and hygiene: first things first, the home of the cavies should be cleaned every single day to prevent illnesses. They should also be brushed using a soft brush. Their feet should be trimmed using nail clippers every month or so.

In households that have children, the cavies are the best companions are less demanding in their care procedures. I already love them.

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