Hamster Has The Answer To Everything

A hamster:

This small, buttoned eye animal is said to be a loner, likes to be kept alone. What a life! Hold on… it is not as boring as you think. They are just too adorable not to have properly cared for them.

Treatment for a hamster:

  1. Housing: they are kept in cages alone. Ensure that this cage is quite big to create room for your pet to explore and feel free in its own habitat. It should be escape proof. Place a bedding for the hamster to sleep in, make it of wood shavings
  2. Diet: caring for omnivores is quite easy. Hamsters do need fruits, vegetables and most importantly water. However, you should give and choose these fruits and vegetables selectively since not all vegetables are safe to be consumed.
  3. Hygiene: it is mandatory to clean the hamster’s cage so as to prevent it from getting sick. You need to clear the bedding and replace it. Remember to wash the cage with soap and warm water then rinse it thoroughly.
  4. Exercise: they can be quite active, so engage them in play and give them toys such as an exercise ball, or an exercise wheel to develop a healthy hamster.

If you see them sleep all day don’t panic! They are nocturnal. Just treat and care for your hamster and all will be well.

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