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A horse:

A horse falls in the equine group of pets. Most people who keep a horse as pets should have ample space for the habitat of a horse. It is one of the expensive pets to keep.

Care for a horse:

Vaccinations: it is crucial to protect your horse from a number of illnesses caused by viruses. Horses are prone to this attacks. When keeping a horse as a pet you will need to link up with an equine veterinarian and vaccinate your horse. Horses are also attacked by worms and therefore it is important to always deworm your horse regularly. Failure to do this, your horse’s health will deteriorate in that it will lose weight, have a poor colic and coat.

Hygiene: this is the most important aspect of care. As a good pet owner, you are required to always clean up the horse’s habitat and remove the feces regularly.

Dental care: Horse’s teeth grow continuously, therefore they should be checked once or twice annually. They should be floated so as to smoothen out the teeth, failure to that it will cause sharp edges to the teeth and as a result, cause pain and difficulty in chewing. A horse may suffer ‘quidding’ which takes place when food falls out the mouth. Other dental issues may be seen when the hay is undigested and the horse suffers weight loss, choking. Dental care should be taken seriously in the proper care of a horse.

Hoof care: most hoof problems are related to shoeing. The hooves of a horse should be trimmed after every six to eight weeks especially for the horses that do not have footwear. The hooves should be given a chance to strengthen naturally. For the proper care of your horse’s hooves, it is needful to discuss with a good farrier.

Proper housing: when keeping a horse as a pet, consider using the straight stalls rather than box stalls. In case you are keeping more than one horse. You should also maintain cleanliness.

Rest and activity: a horse should not be enclosed all day long in the stalls rather should be kept outside and be free, as isolated horses develop behavioral problems. For a healthy horse, it is important to exercise it and keep it active.

Horses are quite delicate animals to keep as pets, and therefore as an owner should be really keen when it comes to treating it.

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