How To Take Care Of Gold Fish?

A gold fish:

Goldfish are one of the most common aquatic animals that’s are kept as pets. However, they need serious attention and hygiene is a very crucial part of its care.

Care for a goldfish:

Habitat: they obviously live in water, when kept as pets, goldfish are kept in an aquarium. The water in the aquarium should pass through some vital conditions for the survival of the fish. The water should be room temperature tap water treated with de-chlorinator. Tap water may kill the fish due to the pollutants, chlorine and heavy metals in times you as the owner will need to put a heater and thermometer to maintain the needed temperature.

Food: goldfish is an omnivore, therefore, the required meal for a goldfish contains proteins and carbohydrates. You will be required to purchase flaked fish food or fish pellets. And as a treat, feed them with boiled vegetables. They can stay up to 2weeks without any food. However, they should be fed three times a day in small proportions.

Hygiene: as I said prior, hygiene is the most crucial concept in the care for these pets. The water in the aquarium should be drained out after every two to four weeks so as to clean the fish tank. Never use detergents of any kind while cleaning the tank. Always ensure the water temperature is room temperature.

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