How To Take Care Of Pigeons?

A fantail pigeon:

This bird is very vulnerable therefore, proper care of it should be taken into consideration.

Care of a pigeon:

Habitat: while keeping a pigeon as a pet, you could keep it in a large cage in your house. The cage should be away from any danger that is; cats or dogs that may be in the house. The cage should also be placed away from direct sunlight.

Hygiene: this starts at the house of the pigeon, it should be cleaned daily and should be kept in a warm and dry area to achieve this wood shaving could be used to line the floor. Remember to always place a bowl of water a few times a week for the pigeon to take a bath.

Food: remember to feed your pet a well-balanced nutritional meal. You could feed them with clean and chopped fruits and vegetables such as; apples, carrots, broccoli, and blueberries. You could also treat them with mealworms, it’s still a bird!

Exercise: you could build a big cage that will allow movement within the cage for activity and exercise.

A pigeon is quite easy to take care of since it needs less attention provided it is safe and well fed, you have a best friend right there.


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