Why Chinchillas Had Been So Popular Till Now?


This is small rodents whose life expectancy is fifteen years. They are nocturnal and don’t love living alone. They are independent thus no much attention is needed. However, they are highly social.

Natural treatment for chinchillas:

  1. Habitat: they are kept indoors and can survive in cold areas, and need a draught free environment. They need a sizeable cage that has plenty of space that has a bedding of dust or shredded paper. Wooden boxes are essential in making the interior of the home.
  2. Hygiene: chinchillas use sand to clean their coats, the ideal chinchilla dust is available at pets’ shops. The bath should be large and deep as they roll over the dust. They should bath once a day, and the dust can be changed after a week.

  1. Diet: chinchillas are herbivores thus they eat grass and green plants. Their diet should be high in fiber and protein. Lack of fiber in their diet deteriorates their gut movement, causing overgrowth in their teeth and they may become stressed and start to chew their fur. Fat and moisture should be excluded from their diet as high-fat content causes liver complications and moisture causes them to be bloated. They can be given raisins and sultanas as treats.
  2. Dental care: they need hard materials to chew on because their teeth are always growing. When they start developing dental problems they will showcase this signs:
  • Drooling
  • Reluctance to eat
  • Wetness under their chin

They will to get checked by a veterinarian.

Chinchillas need companionship from a fellow chinchilla or else they may start chewing their fur as a sign of stress, poor diet, and boredom. They require hay to stop this trait and companionship. As a pet, you just need to give it your time and attention, that’s proper care.

Sighs! That was a long one, but I do hope you have learned something about natural pets’ health and their treatments. You can now venture the animal world fearlessly. I promised knowledge and I do hope that I delivered. That said and done, happy pet rearing!

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